Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Weather and hints this week

The weather is typical for November.  For the Willamette
Valley, mild and wet.  Highs - 62 to 42 degrees.  Lows - 53
to just below freezing.  Plotted plants need to be protected. 
Place the trees leaves into the flower beds;  place the leaves
on the garden IF you have the weeds under control.  Then cover
 with a big tarp to smother winter annual weds and this lets the
worms get to the leaves.

The weather has been good for the lawn to continue to grow
so look for a dry day to keep the lawn under control....for the
 next four months.

Fruit trees leaves still hanging on but the wind is removing
some of the leaves.  No biggy, unless you have 100 acres that
needs to be pruned.

Plants still are moving into dormancy, we usually call plants
dormant when the leaves are finally off the plant.

For Thanksgiving look to see if there is anything still in the
garden - like chard, kale, broccoli, cabbage, beets, carrots that
 can be used as part of the bounteous gathering.  Most of the
apples and pears got to warm this summer and had center rot from
the hot weather and not enough irrigation.  Mine barely made it
off the trees before rotting.

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