Monday, December 8, 2014

Weather 12-8-2014

Edited from Rufus at Wxcafe
Monday December 8
Rain + wind = the forecast according to Rufus.  
The sound of rain will be dominant over the next couple of weeks.
Early in the period, the heaviest rain will storm into NW WA, Vancouver Is, as 
will the wind. Later this week, the pattern will shift south, sending steady rain 
into OR and, all of California.  Be aware that several deep-centered storms are
 lining up back stage and are set for arrival at approx 24-36 hour spacing.
 Why? A large, very cold upper-level trough of low pressure is now set up over
 the Gulf of Alaska.  
In fact, hints are for the 'jet stream' to shift and favor the coldest series of storms 
arriving into the PNW just before Christmas, teasing the entire region with the 
white stuff above 1,500 ft.
Summary: lots of rain, periods of moderate-to-strong winds for the next 14 days.  
 In fact, three systems are likely to bring notable rain to the entire state, starting 
this coming Thursday.

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