Friday, December 19, 2014


Friday December 19
<< Yellow Alert for Flood Potential >>
Too bad the last big weekend before Christmas will be trumped 
by a major rain event.
The dark clouds & buckets of rain are on tap. Portions of the west 
slopes of the Cascades could receive 4-8 inches in 24 hrs or less. 
Snow level will rise, so all the precip will rush downstream to low
 spots. Be alert if your abode is near flood-prone waterways. Wind 
will be noticed.

It will begin to dry down by Monday afternoon. Rather mild temps,
 too. The next interesting system arrives on Christmas Eve. There is 
consistency in a wet, cool storm moving in as the holiday arrives. 
SNOW levels will most definitely drop as cold, dry air sweeps in 
behind the system on Christmas Day. If enough moisture remains, 
it may be cold enough for snow showers for some white flakes at the
 surface, esp. north of Salem/Olympia. Ground will be too warm for 
sticking stuff.

Generally, it will be mostly dry and chilly the week after Christmas, 
turning either very COLD or back to rain by the New Year. There may 
be rain/snow mix showers around the 27-28th. You should be prepared
 for an Arctic event, just in case (meaning, you are not home and freeze
 protection readiness is needed before you go).

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