Wednesday, December 10, 2014

High winds

Oregon Wind Event?
Special Statement
Potential for very strong, damaging WINDS Thursday morning if 
recent model solutions are accurate. Deep low center (973-984 mob) 
is progged to move north  and come onshore as it "fills" somewhere
 north of Astoria. If this storm develops as modeled, wind gusts at
 the coast likely to exceed 85-100 mph; inland across the Willamette 
Valley gusts higher than 60 mph are possible. Power outages and
 numerous falling trees will be the rule. Be prepared, just in case. 
This is short notice because the event has only recently been verifying
 on the computers.
Again, a potentially serious wind event may develop early Thursday 
over western Oregon. Please keep alert to Nat'l Wx Service notices.

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