Thursday, November 6, 2014

Still have green tomatoes ripening

What a great year.  Many other people and I have green tomatoes
still ripening on the vines.  They just continue to keep growing
and producing.  The colder weather is slowing them down but
they continue to ripen and grow.  Yeah.

For green tomatoes, as long as there is "jelly" in the center of the
 tomato, they can be picked and placed in newspaper and brought
into the house and they will slowly ripen.  Be aware that they may
start to rot pretty quickly, so green tomato "products" may need to be
made.  Check the tomatoes at least once a week for those that start to
 go bad.

Filbert harvest - mostly over.  Walnut harvest - mostly over. 

Cole crops - still doing well.

Warm season plants - most of the cucumber, zucc, pumpkins  -
powdery mildew has taken over on them. 

Great acorn squash year.

Control the weeds in the garden.  Mow the grass as needed.

Start emptying the water and irrigation lines, especially with
 the rain, but just be aware that the rain in NOT going very far
into the ground yet!!!!

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