Thursday, May 15, 2014

Better weather

The next few days are perfect for planting the warm
season plants, temps in the 47-60 degrees.  This weekends
looks damp, so protect the apples and pears from scab
AGAIN.  Followed by more great weather 47 lows to
77 highs.

Cole (cool season) crops doing well but say some bolting
already.  Bummer. 

Strawberries and blueberries - still looking good and the
weather and lots of bees mean a good crop.  After pollination,
wait for about 2-4 weeks and by then the June drop will happen.
We will then see how good the crops will be.  Tree fruits
seems to lighter this year.

Still lots of bugs and lots of fungus issues on tree fruits,
berries and other plants.  Good aeration or go to: to look up the PNW Plant Disease handbook
what can be used to reduce fungus problems.

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