Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Weather by Rufus

Memorial Day 2014
 Now, for a brief peek at the extended outlook. Very fine, indeed,
 although on the dry side. Model solutions hold the high pressure
 ridge offshore in just a position as to result in two key favorable
factors: 1) basic 'blocking' of surface systems moving into the PNW; 2) 
daily breezes from the NW, keeping temps mild both day and night. 
True, we may experience a run of clouds here and there, spotty 
appearances of the sun at times, but really no organized frontal
 system or notable precip. The earlier solutions hinting at 
thunderstorm development along the mountain.  
Generally, though, for the next 2-3 weeks conditions will be 
excellent for strawberry harvest, farm work, and messing around
 in the garden. For water management programs: irrigation will 
be needed.

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