Thursday, May 29, 2014

Spring in review

The 2014 spring has been a whoosie, tectinical
term for really harsh and strange.
Butterfly bush - frozen to the ground, not
 root regrowth.
Fig - frozen except for one foot that is still green,
 so there is hope, kind of.
Rosemary - took heavy damage this December/
February - one plant had 25% recovery.
Bay laurel - heavy damage to some limb damage.
Kiwi - 60% of plant died.
Any plants in pots - had 50% of the plants die
from the freeze.
Many ornamental shrubs - badly burned and still
many shrubs burned bad from the leaf burn.
Strawberries - looks like a good crop.  did see some
 photos of strawberry effaciation - where the strawberry
grows long, or it was poor pollination.
Cool season crops - doing OK.
Warm season crops - most tomato, eggplant cucumbers -
 have stalled and ot grown much.\
My pomegranate in the greenhouse has the best fruit
 set EVER this yer.
Apple and plum crop - medicore so far.
Pear crop - actually looking OK.
Grass - growing wild.
Weeds - super wild growth.

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