Friday, May 2, 2014

Insect - O.u.t-side!!

Insects have gone crazy the last week.  If you
have been reading the Gardening Hints FBook site
 there has been a continual list going on.  Here is
just a partial list of insects to be aware of that have
 "invaded" other gardens so far:

large and small ant flights
termite flights  Ants and termite have flights
         twice a year, spring and fall.
radish maggot - radishes
bill bugs - radishes
asparagus beetles - asparagus plants

First flight of codling moths attacking apples and pears
 is 21 days after full apple and pear bloom, which is  right
about now.  Place store pheromone or home made
pheromone in the orchard ASAP.

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