Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Enjoy the summer

Cherries - nearly done.
Strawberries - nearly done.

Rasp[berries - smaller crop this year.
Blueberries - big crop and now ready on
early varieties.
Blackberries - looks like a huge crop.  Remember that
 the wild blackberry is needed for bumble bees, honey
 bees. mason bees, other pollinating insects and predators.

Tansey ragwort - our nemesis.  Please a few growing
 (not going to seed) in a corner of the lot or pasture. 
The biological insects did such a good job, the tansey
population crashed, and so did the bio insects.  We need
to remember - balance. A few tansey ragwort plants
for the bio.  Just like planting or keeping the pollen
flowers and blackberries, if everyone does a small
 bit, we can help save the bees and pollinators, and
 tansey bio insects.

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