Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Now what

Strawberries - ripening nicely and little damage form
the rain except for Monday and Tuesday of this week.

Early blueberries - ripening, seem to be bigger this year. 
Keep a weary eye out for a disease called mummyberry
 where the berries become gray/white, very hard.  Try
 to pick and destroy these berries.

Thin apples - ASAP.

Apple and pear scab - really bad.

Cole crops - doing really well.
Warm season plants - kind of growing but very slow.

Spotted wing drosophila - slow to emerge, even tho
traps showed it in March/April.  Keep traps filled
with fresh apple cider vinegar.

Cherry fruit fly - also slow emergence.  Put up yellow
sticky board to monitor flies.

Weeds and lawns - going crazy.

Moss really bad this year.  For growing areas,
just add ag lime.

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