Tuesday, June 10, 2014


Disease Alert Meeting
Black Leg & Leaf Spots in Brassica, Mustard & Radish Crops

June 18th – starting at 1:30 PM
Linn County Expo Center, 3700 Knox Butte RD, Albany

Program followed by Q&A session on recent disease epidemics in Brassiceae
           important for growers of Brassica, Raphanus, Sinapis seed and vegetable crops
           important for producers who use brassicas as forage and cover crops  

Program speakers:
Lindsey du Toit – Vegetable Seed Pathologist, Washington State University
Carol Mallory-Smith – Professor of Weed Science, Oregon State University
Cindy Ocamb – Plant Pathologist, Oregon State University Extension
Maryna Serdani – Plant Pathologist, Oregon State University Plant Clinic

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