Monday, June 2, 2014

Weeks weather from Rufus

Monday June 2
 This next week will continue to define the perfection of weather 
in the beautiful PNW. Scattered morning clouds, maybe; lots of 
sun in the afternoons; temperatures in the 70s; cool nights.
 High pressure, centered to our west, will hold the region mild. 
Strawberry harvest will continue with perfection. That said, there 
may be a few thunderstorms pop-up in the SE OR area, on into
 portions of ID, MT, WY early this week.
 A few days ago, models toyed with a downturn in the pattern
 (think showers, cooler) by the coming weekend. The low pressure 
trough modeled the week of Jun 9-13 will bring June showers to 
most west side locations esp Wed / Thu, and set-off some powerful 
thunderstorms over the eastern basins. Heavy downpours possible
in ID, MT, WY late-week.
 Week of June 16 looks to be a repeat of our current wx perfection.
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