Saturday, June 7, 2014

What's up?

Strawberry season in  full swing.  great berries,
great weather.
Watch out and trap for spotted wing drosophila with
vinegar placed in a plastic drink containers with 3/8
holes in the top and lid.

Warm season plant really took off this week.

Raspberries - seem to e affected by the winter freeze. 
Blueberries - look like a big crop with some winter
freeze on some plants.

Blackberries - look loaded so far.

Thin the apples ASAP.  Almost too late for Gravenstein
apples; still time for delicious, Fugi and late apples.
thin off apples with damage, with scab or cedar
apple rust damage.

Fruit trees have a huge amount of summer growth
on the inside of the trees.  Remove the inside growth
 by cutting or pulling - just pulling the green suckers.

Some plums, some pears, some apples on some vareities.

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