Sunday, October 18, 2015


Here are some sightings while I was in Bangladesh, helping 
farmers grow more food for their families.

Sights that make the Heart Sad
(Be aware – some graphic descriptions)

There was a man we drove past.  He was crawling in the 
gravel trying to cross a very busy rode.  He was very crippled 
and feet were misshapen but he had fortitude.
There are a lot of welding shops in the small villages, most 
do NOT have any eye protection.
We drove paste a small boy brushing his teeth, but the foam 
around his mouth was not white as normal, it was brown-ish.  
 from the brown water he was using.
Young boys were in 12 inches of mud looking for mud fish.  
 If they can find 5, they earn 1 Taka or Bangladesh dollar.  
 The ratio is 79 Takar to 1 USD.
The Caritis NGO and the local Catholic Church had great
 posters showing how to wash hands properly and filter water, 
and what to do after going to the bathroom.
An older fellow bathing but the water color….water was 
very green since the pond was home to 20 ducks.
Tools – what tools!
One farm was planting garlic and it was splitting before harvest.  
 The splitting was caused by watering too much.  However, each 
garlic head had 21, yes very small cloves.  They have planted
 the garlic, saved a clove, replanted the clove; then replanted, 
on and on – 8 times.   They need new garlic.

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