Thursday, October 22, 2015

This week

Some hazelnuts and walnuts being harvested.  The good
weather allowed growers to harvest quickly.  Various yield
numbers, some had a bigger yield, but sounded like most
had a lower yield.

Apples and pears - nearing the end of harvest.

A lot of the farm stands slow down after Halloween and
the pumpkin demand decreases.  Call to see what they
have available.

Peppers and tomatoes - still ripening.  Evening temps show
a low of around 38 and highs in the 60-70's.  Not the best
growing weather but not the usual cool, wet fall weather.

We skated on bad apple scab, not too bad on apple maggot and
codling moth.  Filbertworm - up and down this year.  The brown
mormorated stink bug had huge numbers in the south valley.

The biggest disappointment, somewhat caused by the two years
 of heat stress on older trees, eastern filbert blight has exploded.

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