Wednesday, October 7, 2015

What's happening

Mild weather for the next 10 days.  Kind of low temps - 47-53 F.,
and highs of 66-7F, so pretty mild.  Small rain showers, if any.

Tomatoes and peppers still ripening.

My apple crop is done, eaten or juiced.  The juice was very good.

Grapes - another excellent year for table grapes.  I hear the wine
grapes have been picked with few problems.

Hazelnuts - upper valley is having lower than expected yields.
 Lower valley - higher than expected.  Good size but quite a few
 blanks due to the very hot summer weather.

The Eastern Filbert Blight seems to have raised its very ugly head.
 For years growers have been doing a good job of at least trying to
maintain the orchards.  The last two years the blight has
seemed to have just exploded.  Even in very well managed
orchards that have sprayed for EFB  4 times, the blight has shown
 up very heavily.  GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.

No tomato blight or potato blight and it is October.  Smile.

Watch irrigation - plants are still using a lot of water.  Do NOT
heavily fertilize this fall.  The plants need to start to go dormant,
not grow.  Don't winterize the irrigation systems yet.  We are OK
for the next 10 days with no expected freezing weather.  If you
have fertilized, hope for no very cold weather for three
more weeks.

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