Tuesday, October 13, 2015


A nice Indian summer continues for us.

The lower temps are 47 to 51 F, so the warm season veggies are
still fine.  These temps will slow their growth but not harm them. 
The highers are 64-75F.  Near perfect outdoor weather.

Some more moisture coming.  After last weekend, the soil should be
good for a week, but dig around plants to make sure.

Lawns are growing so mowing may be needed.  Mulch any
cold sensitive berry or tree fruit.  Voles or field mice are out
 in numbers so paint young trees with exterior white latex paint. 
Use bark protectors -plastic, metal, heavy card board to slow
down the voles.

Control the winter annual weeds.

Add mulch to the garden area.

Start your compost pile as leaves are falling.

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