Monday, October 26, 2015

Now what

Sunday October 25
 Last week of the month will bring a favorable addition to
 rain gauges throughout the PNW.   The next system due 
into the PNW arrives Wed, along with a small, tight system. 
Breezy and damp well into the week.  Thursday with some 
moisture on tap for eastern basins, as well. Short pre-Halloween 
break, then swish, another wet system dampens the trick or 
treat activity. The storm may hold off enough to keep southern 
OR dry until near midnight Saturday, but everyone north should 
see rain by the afternoon or early evening. Cooler air support 
will generate a secondary front on Sunday for an added punch 
of moderate-to-heavy rain. Snow will coat the higher Cascade 
elevations.      -Rufus

Central Or - the temps will be higher in the beginning of the week 
and get cooler near the end of this week and early next week. 
Beginning 61F - 39F at the beginning and 47F and 28F at the 
end of the week.   Any warm veggies will be damaged if not 
already.  Protective mulching should be applied ASAP.

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