Tuesday, November 24, 2015


This week looks actually pretty good for the Willamette
Valley, with highs - 41 to45 and lows 25 to 31 so chilly. 
Early cold and later in the week cold but 5 days of sun,
which also means cold nights.  The roads are slick with
 road oil so be more careful.  If snow, let the crazies go ahead. 

Bend - really cold.  Highs  28-41 and lows  5 to 25,
snow early and then late in the week, two days cloudy
and 4 days of sun.

Final lawn mowing, rack leaves or use your mulching
lawn mower to pulverize the leaves and then place in
the garden or in the flower beds as protective much.

Many fruit trees are holding on to their leaves, so general
rule - wait until the leaves have fallen to ensure the trees
are dormant before pruning.

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