Friday, November 20, 2015

This week

For the Willamette valley
Lows 24-35 so cold;  highs - 41-47 so not very warm. 
Two days of rains with scattered clouds and sun.
Central Oregon - low 13- 38 and highs 26-48, sunny
with a few day of clouds.

Cole crops still kind of growing the in the cold weather.
Prolonged 24 will damage most cole crops. Evenings
need a hoop or green house of protection.

Continue to mulch tender plants.  Pruning can continue.
No. 24 - thru Dec. is growers vacation time.  Time to
kick back and rest for the year.

However, some will star the holiday market season usually
 starts right after Thanksgiving until Christmas on the
weekends.  Check local markets for times and places.

Check local farm stands as a few will be open through
the holidays.

Go to the OSU Lane County Extension web site for
 info on the local Core pesticide training times and
location for the local Extension offices.

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