Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Weather from around the area

From Rufus

Chilly start to a wet week ahead.
 The center low of our Friday the 13th storm is now
 progged to move onshore much farther north, this system 
will pack quite a heavy rain field. Windy, too, although 
not as strong as original expectations. Western WA will 
get the most impact from the storm. Brief interlude during
 the weekend before the second strong storm arrives overnight 
Sunday. HEAVY rain in western WA, with OR also getting
 moderate rain, as well. Breezy. Chilly and damp in the PNW 
Tue/Wed Nov 17,18 with plenty of mountain snowfall. More
 rain with the third system due in Thu.

Uncertainty remains for the weekend of Nov 21,22. The trend
 has been for drier days, but with the potential for a northerly 
flow aloft to usher in the colder air mass of the season.

Easy to get an overall picture of the next couple of weeks: on 
and off rain, with great mountain snow. Borderline concern
 remains for localized flooding - mainly for the coastal streams
/rivers in western WA. Even CA will get in on some of the
 precipitation.  Rufus

For Eugene Springfield - rain 7 out of 10 next days, with
 lows 33 to 47 and highs 48-58.

For central Oregon, rain 3 out of 8 days;  lows 33-43 F, 
and highs 43 to 58 F. 

So according to weather guru's similar temps in the 
valley as in central Oregon.

With the rain, the irrigation systems can go away.  With
 the cooler temps, begin to protect roses, camellia, and 
mulch strawberry and blueberry plants.

November thru March - time to prune blueberries and 
tree fruits.  If you have only a few plants, it is best to 
wait until March.

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