Thursday, November 5, 2015

This week

It looks like our great Indian summer has come to an end,
with mostly rainy days, lows in the high 30's and highs in
the mid 50's for the Willamette valley.  Central Oregon looks
similar with a bit less rain, and cool temps; lows in the high
 20's and highs in the high 40's. 

Our long run of warm season crops are over.  As we get more
 colder temps, time to mulch any "tender" crops or plants.  For
the valley, cole crops are still doing well.

Time to put the irrigation systems to bed.  Drain they systems
 to prevent freezing.  I still think we are going to get some more
warm weather so keep on hose out or in a handy place.  Start
winterizing tools and equipment.  As in Bend the low 20's
freezes any water quickly.

Raspberries can be pruned.  Now that we are i n November,
 the typical pruning season is November thru March.  As long
as the leaves are off the trees and bushes.

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