Monday, November 2, 2015

Weather upcomings - be prepared

Monday November 2

California is getting much needed rain from the leading
 edge of our Halloween weekend storm which dumped
 a lot of rain the Eugene – Springfield area. The system
 provided an amazing volume of water in a short period 
in many areas of the PNW, causing localized flooding 
including INSIDE a Portland light-rail train. For most of 
the days this week in the PNW, showers will pop up here
 and there. There remains the potential for FROST, should
 the sky clear overnight Tue or Wed.  Watch AM temp forecasts.

LOTS OF RAIN and mountain SNOW is coming. In fact, 
flood issues may very well be a key attribute of the upcoming 
wx pattern. The WET system following behind Thursday's
 'maybe rain' disturbance will arrive by Fri night. Colder air 
behind the storm will usher in a good amount of snowfall in 
the mountains, along with rain & progressively heavier 
showers in the lowlands on both sides of the Cascades. This 
is modeled for late Fri on through Monday night, Nov 9. 
'Southern and eastern OR could be slow to experience this 
particular storm serious, but by Sunday, everyone should be
 in on the action. Current charts do NOT indicate the weekend 
storm to be as wet as our Halloween Day storm.

Next will be a stronger front, timed to drop down from the 
NW Tue/Wed Nov 10,11. WINDY with heavy rain. A lot more 
SNOW in the mountains. It will turn notably colder at the 
surface for everyone. By Friday the 13th, a strong, windy, 
VERY WET "double punch" storm surge will arrive. With
 moisture training from Japan all the way across the pacific 
directly into the PNW, moderate-to-heavy rain bands will 
repeatedly slam into the region. The winds will be moderately
 strong, as well. Depending on which model run we accept, 
winds could approach damaging levels Sat/Sun, Nov 14,15 
esp given what will be saturated soils by that time.


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