Thursday, September 19, 2013


Dang web site has been really hard to access the
last two days.

Gardens have been hammered with rain, too hot, 
too cold, too many diseases; lots of  insects, etc.   
As fall creeps upon us, we can continue gardening  
 as long as temps remain above 27 degrees.  This is 
good for most cole crops.  As we finish gardening, 
add 6 inches of nice compost/mulch to the garden, 
which will help  to prevent soil compaction from 
heavy rains – which could start as early as 9-20-2-13.

Watch out for late blight.

Temps this AM were 52 degrees, brrrrr for mid September. 
Time for Remay cover cloth, water jugs, walls of
water, or cover with plastic hoop houses.

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