Friday, September 27, 2013

Weather info: Friday September 27  BE AWARE
History in the making for the PNW over the next few days: 
The Deluge of 2013. While specific location details are yet 
to be determined because nature spins its weather cycle.
 Everyone in the region will be impacted by the upcoming
rain/wind event.
The Rain: between today and Monday afternoon, esp in 
western Oregon, the amount of rainfall due to arrive will 
be measured in multiples - of inches and impact. Southern 
OR coastal zones 8-12 inches; central/northern coastal zones 
6-9 inches; Willamette Valley anywhere from 2-5 inches.  With
leaves beginning to drop, localized street flooding will be 
elevated even more than usual, as the amount of water will
 seem biblical given the short period of time. Creeks and rivers 
are not super high to start, so this will be a blessing, however, 
the freezing zone will be high, so almost all the precip will
 simply rush downhill. If your location is flood prone, best to 
prepare just in case.
The Wind:  Winds will be strong enough to potentially cause
 power outages, limb fall, etc. as foliage will accentuate the
 impact. Rural patrons may want to inventory potable water
 in case power is out for a few hours. Safe not sorry.
The Future: OK, everyone asks, when will the onslaught stop? 
Maybe by the middle of next week the daily precip will cease,
 but not for long, as models hint of more rain and breezy 
conditions by the weekend of Oct 5,6. We can only hope
for model error. Some recent solutions hold us in an overall
 wet pattern through the middle of October. Oh my. Update
Oregon, -Rufus

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