Thursday, September 19, 2013

Weekly Crop Report

Pear and apple crop continues.

Hazelnut crop - which is slated to be a large
crop continues to drop nuts and be harvested
before the weekend rain storm.  Hazelnut leaves
hanging in the trees and not falling, yet.

Grass seed - fields being plowed, reseeded,
and  many acres being limed.

Expecting tomato late blight any day now. 
Morning temps were 51 degrees.

Spotted wing drosophila bad in the Corvallis
area but not in the lower valley around Lane
County except in some small areas.

Powdery mildew hitting the cucumber, squash
and pumpkin crops extra heavy this year.

Observation - Italian prunes were late this year,
in one area they were not ripe until the first
of September.

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