Friday, September 13, 2013

Past week

Hazelnuts starting to drop.  Still looks
like an excellent crop but a lot of blank nuts also.

Cool, moist/wet weather in the AM's
will cause tomato and potato late blight,
protect the crops now that the morning
weather is misty and wet.

Apples and pears - harvest going well. 
If trees were not irrigated, a lot of
premature fruit drop.  Asian pears
looking good.

Table grapes - ripening ahead of schedule
by a bit.  Warm weather causing  botrytis
and powdery mildew.

SWD seems to have slowed down a lot, so
far.  The excessive warm weather over 5
weeks MAY have slowed the SWD down.

Weeds - been a good year for weed

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