Friday, September 20, 2013


Rufus at the WxCafeTM
Friday September 20
The effort today on behalf of the grape & hazelnut industry here in the PNW is to search for dry days. As the past week proved, some patrons will find that 'extra' dry day here and there, depending on location.
 The weekend weather is getting thorough press coverage. Basically, WET and breezy at times. For patrons using hoops, tunnels, greenhouse plastic, etc, be aware that the second storm, Sunday/Monday could, indeed, bring interior (east of coast range) wind gusts close to 35 mph (we've been told this is a critical level for certain types of covers). Coastal zones will likely get gusts >45. Moderate-to-heavy showers to follow the cold front on into Tuesday on both sides of Cascades.
 A break in precip will arrive by Wednesday afternoon, clearing from north to south, then yielding sunny afternoons, warmer (70s to low 80s) for 2 days, maybe longer. CAUTION: thurs morning could bring low temps close to freezing in the typically cold pockets east of the Cascades.

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