Monday, December 23, 2013


Christmas will soon be upon us.
It may be celebrated in a variety of modes and fashions.
Please take time to honor parents, family and friends - those
 that help to keep us sane;  to listen when we need to
whine; to help us walk in places we don't want to walk;
 to just be there to hold our hand or to just talk.

The weather will be OK, highs of 48 and lows around
or for the European's near zero C.  Mostly sunny the
 next week, barring the unforeseen rain event.

I just drove thru southern Tajikistan, near the Uzbekistan
 and Afghanistan borders, the grass is green and up
 over an inch.  March 21 is their official spring.

I will be spending the next two days, yes Christmas day -
 teaching field days to around 120 growers who NEED
 to learn how to prune their apricot and fruit trees.  Most
 trees so far have NEVER been pruned so they are in
GREAT need of pruning.  I have very mixed feelings of 
missing family but being able to help people change their
 lives forever and double their income.

I will be 9000 miles from home, sorely missing family and
friends, so please this season; share the joy with someone
 just for me. I will be sharing so please share also.

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