Friday, December 27, 2013

The weather in Tajikistan is similar to the weather in Oregon;  lows
 around 32-35  and high 43-50, mostly cloud for the nest week.  However,
 we got 4 inches of snow  in Dushanbe last night.

Met with around 650 people these past two weeks, teaching them about
 how to prune fruit trees, how to graft and how to keep their orchards health.

I realize that when my wife and I travel for humanitarian service, that we now
have friends all over the world.  That is a truly amazing blessing.  We teach the
people, they teach us by being humble and thankful.  Many have never seen an
American and by bring pruning equipment (thanks to many who have donated
 and to Emerald Empire Kiwanis for many donations)  have given them the
opportunity to double their income in two years.  334 pruners, 337 saws, 164
grafting knives and 102 hand lens, donations of over $21 284.  Thank you
 donors.  The people of 38 countries thank you.

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