Friday, December 20, 2013

Holiday time

The holiday time is quickly coming upon us.
A time to again be with family, friends, relatives.

Take time to be grateful for simple things as toilets -

 I am again in Tajikistan teaching people how to
grow food by pruning and orchard management.  . 
There are more cell phones than toilets in the country. 
60% of young people and children get sick from
bad water. 

It is sickening when you see a young mother
 with two young children getting water out of a ditch
which has dogs and  cattle walking and ****** into the
water;  cars splashing mud and who know what into
 the water.  I have seen housing dumping raw sewage
 into these water canals. 

There was an outhouse which was used, a lot.  After using
 the outhouse I walked back to our group.  The city water
 supply ran 3 foot from the back of he outhouse and the outhouse
has***** materials flowing over the ground.  Be sooooooo
 thankful we live where water is soooo
clean.  Where food is prepared in a safer environment.
Tis the season to be very, very, very thankful for our living
Also, the further from the cities, the small communities
 have 1-2 total hours of electricity PER day.  No more
 complaining for two weeks!!!!!!!

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