Thursday, December 26, 2013

Post Christmas

Post Christmas - weather remains on the chilly
side.  Lows around 31 with highs around 50.

Start preparing your garden new years resolutions,
 yes, what you want to plant;  when you want to plant;
 what you DON'T want to plant; gardening to does;
gardening NOT to does this year.

Pruning is on the calendar right now for all fruit
 trees and berry bushes.

Mulch the base of roses and blueberries as the cold
 weather still has three months to affect plants in the
 ground.  Cover any bulbs that have been planted
 this fall.  Did one bulb up to see if the December
 hard freeze affected the bulbs.  Just put it into a pot
 with soil and place it near the window with sun light
and see what happens.

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