Sunday, December 8, 2013

Next few days

The next few sin  Oregon and much of the US will be
 seeing a slightly different weather pattern.

Monday the day time temps will rise above 32 and
Wednesday the evening temps will be above 32 degrees.
Back to more normal winter temps.  Yeah, I can finally sleep
 the whole night and not check pipes and outside temps
Be aware that rooms next to unheated areas, such as
 laundry rooms need to be heated or run the washer, both
 hot and cold several times a day.  Place a thermometer
 in cold rooms next to the un heated area/walls to make sure
the temps are ABOVE 32 degrees.  The cold has been creeping
 into the unheated rooms and I had areas just above 32 degrees
 with water courses.

In out buildings, we are seeing a LOT of frozen pipes. 
Since it is ONLY December, this is a wake up call for the
 rest of the winter. 

When using heat lamps for thawing, place them very
carefully near the pipes.  In small areas, an incandescent
 light bulb works wonders.

If there is no heat, the dripping faucet works very well.
 If the laundry room  or out side rooms are getting close
 to 32 degrees; use the washer to run small loads; or physically
 turn the water on to keep the pipe water moving.

Since many outside pipes MAY be frozen, turn the water
source off today (or try and find where the pipe turn off valve
 is located) as Monday, the pipes should  unfreeze, and water
 coming from the broken pipes.

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