Monday, December 9, 2013

From Rufus

Monday December 9
 From below zero temps in Eugene (with 8" snow) to 7F in Portland,
 it was a bitterly cold weekend. Conditions this morning aren't much
 better, with single digits up to 16 around the Willamette Valley.
You'll recall expectations last week were for warmer, wet systems to
 knock on the freezer door as early as Tues. Well, that has now been
 pushed back to sometime Thur, or with the latest run, into Fri. Many 
of us want warmer temps, as already the heating bill for December will
 cut into disposable income in January. Anyway, the Arctic event will
 hold for most - with incremental bumps up in daytime temps - through
Wed or Thur at least.
The weekend will be damp, with temps in the 40s and mostly cloudy.
Many folks will find out late this week if their plumbing protection
 program worked, as the great thaw of December 2013 begins.

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