Thursday, December 12, 2013

More cold weather predicted

Another Cold One?
 Long time patrons know The WxCafe (TM) strives
 to provide a 'heads-up' whenever nature may bring 
on weather patterns that can have impact. The current
 Arctic Event was "seen" early by wx models with a
 frequency that warranted prognosticating.
 Well, for the past couple of days, models have hinted at 
yet another ARCTIC type wx episode. (Gee, we haven't
 even cleared out the current cold air yet). If this event
 takes place, the transition back into the freezer will be Wed 
or Thur NEXT WEEK. The air will be an Arctic shot & 
sub-freezing again, and will either last until Sun Dec 22 or
 beyond. The most recent model run progged wintery 
conditions all the way through Christmas, with periodic 
snow showers dropping in from the northwest.
 For now, simply be aware of the possibility for another 
round of cold weather starting later next week. By Friday 
morning we will have more definitive information as to
whether or not this scenario verifies.

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